It is a sobering to consider that our ability to hear new "language sounds" pretty much closes down in early childhood. This means that an adult can't actually hear new sounds. Foreign languages are compressed into a motley blend of the existing language sounds we were exposed to before the age of 5 or 6.

We are optimistic that a technique allowing adults to learn truly new language sounds may be discovered. Meanwhile, why not expose children to the widest possible array of language sounds. Give them the best chance of being multilingual.

This app is designed to be a fun, silly, delightful method of experiencing language sounds.

It is a work in process. These beginning apps are what could be called proof of concept.

If you have feedback, or would like to help, use contact form to let us know. Notably we need professional quality language sounds from all over the world.

We are programmers not linguists. We would love to support diversity and help spread cooperation among peoples. If you can help or know someone that can help, let us know.